Why choose the menstrual cup Yuuki?

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unique box for disinfecting and storing your cup
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Copas menstruales económicas
the amount used to get the cup will return within 5-8 months at the maximum
Salud usando la copa menstrual
with certificates - no risk of infection, allergic reaction or toxic shock syndrome
Comodidad con tu copa menstrual
absolute comfort of use, suitable for sports and activities of all kinds
Copa menstrual ecológica
the Czech silicone cup has a lifetime of 5 to 15 years

Advantages of Yuuki

Comfort first

98% of women who have tried the cup would not opt for anything else

Stays in place and doesn't move

The cup won’t move, as it is held in place by the vaginal muscles as well as by the weak vacuum that forms inside the cup.

No need to worry about unpleasant odours

Menstrual blood itself does not smell. The typical odour that occurs during menstruation is the result of a combination of blood and the chemicals in panty liners and tampons. This does not apply to you if you use a menstrual cup.

No unpleasant waste

Unlike panty liners and tampons, which you have to keep on buying, the menstrual cup is environmentally-friendly to use. The cup can easily last you for 10 years, or even all your life, as it is made from medical grade silicone, which is normally used for implants during operations.



Es mi primera vez usando una, y realmente es una maravilla. súper cómoda. Iveta fue súper amable y paciente desde el principio, me asesoró en todo. Totalmente recomendada
Fue mi primera copa menstrual y me gustó mucho.
Muy buen producto

Most frequently asked questions about menstrual cups

It seems very big! Is it painful to insert and remove?

If you do it correctly and carefully, it should not be painful. Women who have not yet had sexual intercourse may have some problems at the beginning, but they will pass with time. The vagina is able to stretch to allow a baby’s head to pass through it, and the cup is many times smaller. When inserting the cup, you can lubricate it with water or with lubricating gel. When inserting the cup, press its bottom to release the vacuum and take it out carefully.

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What is the useful life of the cup?

Most manufacturers state ten years. Theoretically, it can last till the end of one’s life because it is made of the same type of silicone as that implanted during surgery. It is up to you whether to purchase a new cup. We provide a two-year warranty on the Yuuki cup.

Can the cup leak?

No, not if it has been inserted correctly and is emptied before it gets completely full. After inserting the cup, you need to turn it slightly and pull it a bit, to create a vacuum to make the cup stick to the vagina wall.

How often do i have to empty the cup

It depends on your period. The intensity of every woman’s menstrual flow varies. If your menstruation is average to heavy, you should empty the cup every 3 to 10 hours. Some women with very low menstruation may even go 12 hours before emptying the cup.On heavier menstruation days, you may have to empty your cup more often. If you have tried already the big cup and have seen that you have to empty it every three hours, you have an extremely heavy period. That need not be a problem but you should discuss it with your doctor. There are means of controlling such heavy menstruation

Si ya ha probado la copa grande y debe vaciarla cada tres horas, entonces tiene un período extremamente intenso. No tiene que significar ningun problema, sin embargo, es mejor consultarlo con su médico. Ya hay medios que ayudan a controlar menstruación tan intensa.

What does toxic shock syndrome mean? And can the cups cause it?

There’s no need to worry; unlike tampons, menstrual cups do not cause TSS.

This dangerous disease is caused by bacteria that multiply inside absorbent materials, such as tampons. If you use them, be careful and do not underestimate the symptoms: severe flu, aching muscles, stomach cramps, head and neck pain, a sudden rise in body temperature above 39 °C, diarrhoea and vomiting, sudden drops in pressure and rapid heartbeat, often accompanied by a feeling of weakness, dizziness, a rash (this may occur on various parts of the body or just in specific places such as the armpit or groin area).



Copa menstrual SOFT

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Copa menstrual SOFT

Copa menstrual RAINBOW Jolly

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Copa menstrual RAINBOW Jolly

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Copa menstrual RAINBOW Line

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Copa menstrual Rainbow LINE PAQUETE ECONOMICO