For and against YUUKI

Like everything man-made, the Yuuki cup has its advantages and disadvantages. Below we will try to list all of these pros and cons, and we hope that the prevailing benefits will convince you of its advantages.

Advantages of Yuuki:

  • Economical profitability (the return on the cost of the cup is 5 - 8 months)
  • Totally comfortable to use.
  • Health certified. The Yuuki cup does not contain dyes or phthalates.
  • Long life.
  • Excellent for travel and all kinds of sports.
  • Environmentally friendly - a woman uses thousands of pads and tampons in her lifetime - some 600 kg of non-recyclable waste.
  • An EU product from a specialist in the manufacture of medical components.
  • Technical solutions that will provide you with just the YUUKI menstrual cup. Our cup is unique, particularly in that it has a ring inside of the cup to prevent spillage when handling it and comes in a completely original practical package. The cover is solid and prevents the cup from being damaged or distorted during transportation (e.g. purse).


  • At the beginning it takes a while before one finds the most comfortable way to insert the cup.
  • Some women may find it uncomfortable to hold the contents of the cup. It just takes a few times to get used to it.
  • The sanitary cup may not be used during the postnatal period.